Hire dedicated developers from a team of experts to turn your app idea into a viable product. Web Patriot offers expertise in both web and mobile applications.

Technologies & Skills Available for Hire

Experienced & motivated developers are hard to find on a short notice. It is yet harder to keep them engaged as the product evolves and technologies mature. That is why we have our developers on staff who are continuously updated and upgraded. Our popular technologies & skills are:

















Benefits Over In-House Team

Quick Ramp-Up

When you hire remote developers, it is extremely time-efficient to quickly scale. Tell us the skills you need and we should have a qualified resource available and ready to go in no time.

Flexibility & Cost Effectiveness

Want to make some modifications or completely change the direction? No worries! The dedicated team approach allows modifications to the project to be made during the development process.

Knowledgeable team

If you are nescient about some of the technical stuff at hand, no need to worry. When you hire dedicated developers, you can have access to their broader skills, knowledge, expertise, and solutions to develop your product.

Cost Effectiveness

You need to pay based on the actual number of hours or days that would put into your project which can easily be scaled up and down based on your changing requirements. These factors act as a huge advantage when you are trying to save cost.

No Hardware/Software Requirement

Any development project would involve substantial cost on hardware and software. You need to spare a workstation for your in-house web development teams and software to get the best results. When you hire a development team, you have to incur no such costs.

Focus on your business

When you hire a dedicated team of developers, you do not carry a risk of developing products by yourself. This will help you to focus on the other key activities such as Marketing, Branding, Promotions, Finance, Operations etc, which are also crucial for your business.