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School Administration Efficiency: The project aimed to enhance the efficiency of school administration, especially in handling student data, grades, and assignments.


Automation of Grade Promotion: Implementing a system that automatically promoted students to the next grade based on their performance at the end of each semester.


Communication and Messaging: Developing a communication platform to facilitate seamless interaction between teachers, students, and parents.


Payment and Lunch Management: Enabling an integrated payment system for school fees, lunch purchases, and canteen transactions.


Real-time Reporting: Providing real-time reporting of student performance, attendance, and other relevant information.


Integration with External Systems: Integrating payment gateway Stripe and launching integration with QuickBooks for financial management.




End-to-End School Management:


The My School Works system offered a comprehensive solution for managing student data, grades, subject offerings, and school calendars.

Grade Promotion Automation:


The software automatically promoted students to the next grade based on their academic performance, attendance, and test results.

Communication and Messaging:


The platform facilitated communication between teachers, students, and parents through messaging options and a dashboard.

Payment and Lunch Management:


An integrated payment system allowed for easy fee payments, lunch purchases, and canteen transactions, providing convenience to students and parents.

Real-time Reporting:


Teachers and administrators could generate real-time reports on student performance, attendance, and other important metrics.

Integration with External Systems:


Integration with Stripe simplified payment processing, while QuickBooks integration improved financial management.




The My School Works project brought about transformative results in the field of school administration:


Efficiency and Automation: The system significantly enhanced the efficiency of school administration by automating various processes, reducing paperwork, and minimizing manual data entry.


Streamlined Communication: Teachers, students, and parents benefited from improved communication tools, leading to better collaboration and understanding.


Convenience and Transparency: The integrated payment system provided convenience to parents, while real-time reporting offered transparency into student performance.


Expansion and Adoption: The system’s success led to its adoption by around 70-75 schools across the United States, demonstrating its effectiveness and scalability.


Financial Management: Integration with Stripe and QuickBooks improved financial management, making transactions smoother and more organized.




The My School Works project, initiated in 2012-13, made a significant impact on the management and administration of U.S. schools. By automating various processes, improving communication, and enhancing convenience for parents and students, it revolutionized school operations. With a strong adoption rate across multiple schools, this project set a benchmark for efficient and modernized school management.

Revolutionizing School Management

The School Works project, initiated in 2012-13 for a U.S. client, set out to streamline and modernize the operations of numerous U.S. schools, both public and private. This innovative software solution offered comprehensive tools for managing student grades, parent information, subject offerings, attendance, exams, and many other aspects of school administration. With approximately 70-75 schools across the United States adopting the system, it played a pivotal role in simplifying daily school operations and improving communication between teachers, students, and parents.




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