Building a User-Friendly Application: Developing an easy-to-navigate mobile application that allows users to search for discounts, redeem coupons, and discover local businesses was a primary challenge.

Merchant Registration and Subscription: Providing a platform for businesses to register and manage their offers, with options for monthly and yearly subscription payments, required a robust backend system.

Coupon Management: Implementing a coupon management system for businesses to create and edit their offers, specify redemption rules, and track coupon usage was crucial.

Referral System: Creating a referral system that incentivizes users to invite others and rewards them with credits for purchases and coupon redemptions was important for user engagement.

Payment Gateway Integration: Ensuring secure payment processing through Stripe for subscription payments and in-app purchases was a critical component of the platform.

Database and Hosting: Establishing a reliable database using MySQL and hosting the application on Amazon AWS for scalability and performance were essential.



User-Friendly Mobile Application: Application was developed with a user-centric approach, offering an intuitive interface for users to browse discounts and redeem coupons. The search functionality allows users to find specific offers by name, keywords, or location.

Merchant Registration and Subscription: The platform offers businesses the option to sign up for subscriptions, with both monthly and yearly payment plans. Once registered, businesses can create, edit, and manage their discount coupons and offers.

Coupon Management System: Application’s backend system includes a comprehensive coupon management feature that allows businesses to set coupon expiration dates, specify redemption rules, and track coupon usage in real-time.

Referral System: To encourage user engagement and growth, the application incorporates a referral system that rewards users with credits for referring friends and family, as well as for making purchases and redeeming coupons.

Payment Gateway Integration: Stripe was seamlessly integrated into the application to facilitate secure subscription payments and in-app purchases.

Database and Hosting: The platform relies on MySQL for a robust database system, while Amazon AWS ensures reliable hosting, scalability, and optimal performance.



Application has achieved significant success and benefits for both consumers and businesses:

Consumer Benefits:

Users can easily discover and redeem discounts at local businesses, enhancing their overall shopping and dining experience.

The referral system incentivizes users to invite others and rewards them with credits, fostering user engagement.

Business Benefits:

Local businesses can register on the platform, showcase their offers, and attract new customers.

The ability to set subscription plans and manage coupons empowers businesses to tailor their marketing strategies effectively.

Administrative Control:

The admin panel provides administrators with a comprehensive view of merchant offers, revenue, and user activity, enabling data-driven decisions.

Scalability and Performance:

Hosting on Amazon AWS ensures scalability and consistent performance, even during periods of high user activity.



Application has successfully bridged the gap between consumers seeking discounts and local businesses looking to attract new customers. Its user-friendly mobile application, robust backend system, and innovative referral program have contributed to its popularity and growth, benefitting both consumers and businesses in the process. The secure payment processing and reliable hosting further enhance the platform’s overall performance and user experience.




Application is an innovative platform that connects consumers with local businesses by offering a wide range of discount coupons and deals. The application, available on both Android and iOS, allows users to discover and redeem discounts at various restaurants, stores, and businesses. Additionally, provides businesses with a user-friendly platform to showcase their offers and promotions.



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