• Management System


Efficient Asset Tracking: Hotels and businesses needed an efficient way to track assets, such as room service trolleys, staff, and equipment, in real-time.

User Management: The client required a scalable system to manage multiple users, companies, and products through a centralized admin portal.

Subscription Management: To offer the BeaconHotel solution to various businesses, a subscription model was needed to accommodate different user levels and pricing structures.



Management System:

The BeaconHotel solution utilized Bluetooth-enabled beacons, small round devices that could be attached to assets and personnel, enabling real-time tracking on Google Maps.

Admin Portal:

The heart of the system was the Admin Portal, allowing clients to:

  • Create and manage companies associated with hotels or businesses.
  • Appoint admin and agent roles for each company, enabling user management and access control.
  • Define and customize user roles, specifying their access permissions.
  • Handle subscription management with flexible pricing tiers based on the number of users and beacons required.

Key Features

Asset Tracking: Room service trolleys, maintenance staff with ID cards, and other assets were equipped with beacons for real-time tracking. Admins could monitor their locations and movement within the hotel.

Guest Experience Enhancement: BeaconHotel improved the guest experience by providing real-time updates on room service orders. Guests could track the progress of their orders and receive notifications when their orders were delivered.

Security: Enhanced security by tracking staff movements within the hotel. This feature ensured the safety of both guests and staff.

Scalability: The solution was highly scalable, allowing hotels and businesses to expand their usage as needed. The pricing model adjusted accordingly, making it cost-effective for clients.


Efficient Operations: Significantly improved the efficiency of hotel operations. Room service delivery times were reduced, and maintenance requests were handled promptly.

Enhanced Guest Experience: Guests reported higher satisfaction levels due to the transparency and convenience offered by the real-time tracking of their orders.

Improved Security: The system increased security by tracking staff movements, reducing unauthorized access to restricted areas.



BeaconHotel, powered by IoT technology and a robust admin portal, revolutionized hotel operations in the United States. This multi-user, multi-talent solution not only improved asset tracking and security but also enhanced the overall guest experience.

The scalability and flexibility of the BeaconHotel system made it an attractive option for hotels and businesses of all sizes. Technologies demonstrated the potential of IoT technology in the hospitality industry, setting new standards for efficiency, transparency, and guest satisfaction.

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Management System



To provide a comprehensive Management System for hotels and businesses, enabling efficient tracking of assets, staff, and enhancing guest experiences.



This innovative system incorporates technology to enable multi-user, multi-talent tracking for hotel operations and beyond.



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