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Tech Stack

AutoCAD Design Community hired a robust tech stack to create a continuing and attractive platform:


Web Platform: A web-based totally platform this is reachable from numerous gadgets, making sure huge accessibility.

User Profiles: User profiles for people, corporations, and businesses, enabling them to show off their portfolios.

Diverse Content Management: A sophisticated content material management gadget that handles extra than 100 layout classes and user-generated content.

Interactive Features: Features that facilitate interaction and collaboration amongst contributors, along with comments and boards.

Fostering Innovation and Creativity in AutoCAD Design Community

This case study delves into the success tale of AutoCAD Design Community, a unique and dynamic discussion board that serves as a international hub for the revolutionary AutoCAD design network. AutoCAD Design Community’s task is to connect AutoCAD designers, corporations, and groups, presenting them with a platform to exhibit their creativity and designs to a international audience. This case take a look at outlines how AutoCAD Design Community has emerge as a expert platform, encouraging innovation, collaboration, and excellence across various design domain names.



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