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Safety and Well-being of Elderly: Ensuring the safety and well-being of elderly parents who live alone presented a significant challenge for families.

Remote Caregiving: Enabling families to remotely care for their loved ones required robust technology and communication solutions.

User-Friendly Interface: Developing a user-friendly interface that accommodates both elderly parents and their family members while providing essential features.

Integration of Wearable Technology: Seamlessly integrating Fitbit smartwatches and their features into the platform.

Privacy and Security: Ensuring the privacy and security of user data, particularly sensitive medical information.

Subscription Management: Implementing a subscription model for the platform while providing different plan options.


User Registration and Subscription:

Users can visit the Alerts website, register, and choose between the standard and total protection plans, with payment facilitated through Stripe or PayPal.

Subscribers gain access to the platform and its features, including the mobile application.

Family and Elderly Account Management:

After subscribing, users can create accounts for their elderly parents.

Both family members and elderly parents can manage account details, including emergency contacts and medical information.

Fitbit Smartwatch Integration:

The platform integrates with Fitbit smartwatches to provide features like automatic fall detection, medication reminders, and emergency buttons.

Fall detection triggers an automatic call from the smartwatch to a designated family member’s mobile device.

Alerts and Notifications:

Users receive text message and email notifications in case of falls, missed medication doses, or emergency button presses.

Safe zone location alerts notify users if their elderly parents leave a predefined area.

Location Tracking and Activity Monitoring:

Users can track the real-time location of their elderly parents on a Google Map through the mobile application.

Activity reports provide insights into daily activities, such as step count, running, and cycling durations.

Dual User Login:

The platform accommodates two types of users: family members (caretakers) and elderly parents.

Admin Portal:

An admin portal allows administrators to manage user accounts, view subscription data, and oversee the platform’s functionality.


Alerts has provided a solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by families with elderly parents living alone:

Enhanced Safety and Well-being: The platform has significantly improved the safety and well-being of elderly parents by offering features like fall detection and emergency alerts.

Remote Caregiving: Families can remotely care for their loved ones, receive alerts, and monitor their activities.

User-Friendly Interface: The user-friendly interface accommodates both elderly parents and family members, ensuring ease of use.

Integration of Wearable Technology: Fitbit smartwatches seamlessly integrate with the platform, offering a range of features and enhancing the user experience.

Privacy and Security: Robust security measures protect sensitive user data and medical information.

Subscription Management: The subscription model provides users with flexibility in choosing the plan that suits their needs.


Alerts has successfully addressed the needs of families with elderly parents living alone. By combining a website, mobile application, and Fitbit smartwatch integration, it has created a comprehensive solution that enhances the safety, well-being, and peace of mind for both elderly parents and their family members. The platform’s user-friendly interface, robust security, and subscription options make it a valuable tool for remote caregiving and ensuring the health and safety of elderly loved ones.

Management System

Alerts is an innovative platform designed to address the needs of families with elderly parents who live alone. Developed for a U.S. client, the platform offers a comprehensive solution to ensure the safety and well-being of elderly individuals. It combines a website, mobile application, and Fitbit smartwatch to provide features such as fall detection, medication reminders, emergency alerts, location tracking, and activity monitoring.


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