Revolutionizing School Management

Challenges:   School Administration Efficiency: The project aimed to enhance the efficiency of school administration, especially in handling student data, grades, and assignments.   Automation of Grade Promotion: Implementing a system that automatically promoted students to the next grade based on their performance at the end of each semester.   Communication and Messaging: Developing a [...]

Nature Vision TV

Challenges High-Resolution Video and Audio: Delivering high-quality, 30-minute nature and meditation videos was a primary challenge. The platform needed to ensure seamless playback even for users with varying internet speeds. User Subscription System: Nature Vision TV required a robust user subscription system, allowing access to premium content only after users signed up and paid for [...]

Truthful Secrets – Online Book Sell

Truthful Secrets – Online Book Sell Truthful Secretes is online book selling web portal using CMS WordPress. Website is in Spanish language. It has Google map showing pin from where user has purchased book. Key Features Online E-Commerce Platform Blog Payment Integration Technologies WordPress, WooCommerce

Tourmaline Home

Challenge Handloom Website  faced several challenges:   Exclusive Design Showcase: They needed a platform to effectively showcase their exclusive designs to potential customers, highlighting the craftsmanship and attention to detail.   E-Commerce Functionality: To sell their products online, they required an e-commerce solution that could handle the complexity of multiple product categories and variations while [...]