Fostering Innovation and Creativity in AutoCAD Design Community

Tech Stack AutoCAD Design Community hired a robust tech stack to create a continuing and attractive platform:   Web Platform: A web-based totally platform this is reachable from numerous gadgets, making sure huge accessibility. User Profiles: User profiles for people, corporations, and businesses, enabling them to show off their portfolios. Diverse Content Management: A sophisticated [...]

Elevating E-commerce with Seamless User Experience

Tech Stack The tech stack carried out performed a vital position in accomplishing the platform's objectives:   Stripe for secure and green fee processing. Node.Js and Express.Js for constructing a sturdy and scalable backend. React.Js for crafting an interactive and person-pleasant the front-stop. MySQL for green data storage and control. Elevating E-commerce with Seamless User [...]

Affiliate E-trade Website

Tech Stack The technical underpinnings of this alteration protected a strong tech stack, which leveraged contemporary technology to make sure a continuing user enjoy:   Next.Js for the front-cease improvement, offering speedy rendering and more suitable search engine marketing abilities. Redis for caching, accelerating information retrieval and improving website overall performance. JavaScript, both at the [...]

Management System

Challenges Efficient Asset Tracking: Hotels and businesses needed an efficient way to track assets, such as room service trolleys, staff, and equipment, in real-time. User Management: The client required a scalable system to manage multiple users, companies, and products through a centralized admin portal. Subscription Management: To offer the BeaconHotel solution to various businesses, a [...]

Nature Vision TV

Challenges High-Resolution Video and Audio: Delivering high-quality, 30-minute nature and meditation videos was a primary challenge. The platform needed to ensure seamless playback even for users with varying internet speeds. User Subscription System: Nature Vision TV required a robust user subscription system, allowing access to premium content only after users signed up and paid for [...]

Book Your Model

Book Your Model Overview:   Online Platform Models and Agencies is a prominent online platform that caters to models and professionals within the global modeling and film industry. The platform is designed to offer a user-friendly experience, simplifying the process of connecting models and industry experts. Leveraging PHP, Laravel, and MySQL technologies, the platform exemplifies [...]

Truthful Secrets – Online Book Sell

Truthful Secrets – Online Book Sell Truthful Secretes is online book selling web portal using CMS WordPress. Website is in Spanish language. It has Google map showing pin from where user has purchased book. Key Features Online E-Commerce Platform Blog Payment Integration Technologies WordPress, WooCommerce


Fitnessity Background:   Fitnessity, also known as Fit-Ness-ity, is a dynamic platform that seeks to bridge the gap between fitness professionals and individuals seeking personal training, lessons, classes, and sports adventures. With a vision to revolutionize the fitness industry, Fitness Websiteoffers a unique marketplace experience that connects athletes, fitness enthusiasts, newcomers, and businesses in the [...]

Tourmaline Home

Challenge Handloom Website  faced several challenges:   Exclusive Design Showcase: They needed a platform to effectively showcase their exclusive designs to potential customers, highlighting the craftsmanship and attention to detail.   E-Commerce Functionality: To sell their products online, they required an e-commerce solution that could handle the complexity of multiple product categories and variations while [...]


Business Challenge: Prior to the inception of AutoCadFiles, design professionals and enthusiasts often faced challenges in finding and accessing accurate and diverse CAD files for their projects. Many existing platforms required users to register or pay for premium subscriptions, limiting the accessibility of valuable resources. AutoCadFiles aimed to address these challenges by creating a free [...]