Revolutionizing School Management

Challenges:   School Administration Efficiency: The project aimed to enhance the efficiency of school administration, especially in handling student data, grades, and assignments.   Automation of Grade Promotion: Implementing a system that automatically promoted students to the next grade based on their performance at the end of each semester.   Communication and Messaging: Developing a [...]


Solution:   User Registration and Subscription:   Users can visit the Alerts website, register, and choose between the standard and total protection plans, with payment facilitated through Stripe or PayPal. Subscribers gain access to the platform and its features, including the mobile application. Family and Elderly Account Management:   After subscribing, users can create accounts [...]

Mose Application

Application Introduction:   Application is an innovative platform that connects consumers with local businesses by offering a wide range of discount coupons and deals. The application, available on both Android and iOS, allows users to discover and redeem discounts at various restaurants, stores, and businesses. Additionally, provides businesses with a user-friendly platform to showcase their [...]

Nature Vision TV

Tourmaline Home Introduction: Nature Vision TV is an imaginary subscription-based platform that offers high-resolution nature sound and meditation videos to provide users with a serene and immersive experience. This case study outlines how Nature Vision TV built a comprehensive multimedia platform with WordPress, including custom theme design, subscription management, and multi-platform accessibility, spanning web, mobile [...]


AutoCadFiles AutoCadFiles is an innovative online platform that offers a comprehensive library of CAD files catering to various domains such as architecture, interior design, home plans, and building plans. The platform aims to provide an easy and accessible way for design professionals, enthusiasts, and learners to access high-quality CAD files without any barriers. With a [...]